How to Connect Turntable with Built-in Phono Preamp to Receiver?

If you want to connect a receiver for record player, you must understand the basics of connecting such devices and you can enjoy the “enchanting sounds” of vinyl records.

What is a phono stage?

vinyl recorderVinyl records are back in fashion. But now it is not a mass-market product, but an elite hobby for those who are well versed in sound quality. Therefore, to reproduce “vinyl” today it is customary to use a whole complex of equipment, one of which is a phono stage.

The widespread belief that a phono stage is a device that brings the signal level to a value suitable for feeding a conventional amplifier is not entirely true. Yes, one of the functions of a phono stage is signal amplification. However, first of all, the phono stage is intended for equalization (correction) of the amplitude-frequency characteristic (AFC), changed during the recording of the plate.

Preamplified LINE output

vinyl recordIt is typical of some recently designed and medium-low end turntables. The manufacturer has directly provided a preamplifier inside the turntable. This internal device provides a preamplified output, which can be connected substantially to any type of amplifier that has LINE or AUX input. To connect the turntable, just locate the input on the amplifier and connect the RCA cables.

Output with PHONO or LINE switch

For some models, the manufacturers have provided a special switch, which allows you to select the PHONO type output, not pre-amplified, or the LINE type output with the pre-amplified signal. Depending on which type of output is selected, the turntable can be connected to both the PHONO input and the AUX or LINE input.

It is necessary to pay attention to select the correct output based on the amplifier input you prefer to use. This type of turntable can be connected to any amplifier.